TOMATOES (Pick your own starting august 21st)

Tomatoes are THE specialty of La Halte Gourmande. We have been producing over 70 varieties of tomatoes on a surface of 50 acres for the past 20 years.

In our fields, you’ll find Heirloom, Italian (Roma & San Marzano), round, cherry and many more varieties of tomatoes.

We grow our cherry and Fantasy tomatoes on tutors while our Italian tomatoes are grown on straw beds with grass alleys between row to limit soil erosion and control water accumulations.

A little know type of picking, collecting your tomatoes to make your yearly provisions of tomato sauce can be an excellent family outing.

We invite you to try our lemon, peach, ox heart, pineapple, blue tomatoes, and so many more!

There’s a tomato for every occasion! Whether for preparing sauces to eat fresh as is, all varieties are available for self-picking.

You can also pick them up in our outlets.