We work our land keeping in mind that it is just on loan to us for future generations. We have therefore opted to develop reasoned agricultural practices.

For example, to limit soil erosion and allow surface water to better percolate, we have laid out grass alleys between our rows of produce.
Also, most of our crops are set in biodegradable plastic mulch. This helps us use fewer phytosanitary products and optimizes nutriment and water intake for our plants. Its biodegradable quality shortens its environmental lifespan.

As for our winter squash, producing it using a direct seeding system in rye mulch allows the plant to better use its resources and again, reduces phytosanitary operations to the minimum. The natural cushion prevents soil erosion, increases the quality of the squash, thus reducing field waste.

As for our sweet corn, we use no pesticides against corn borers. We have chosen to use an organic approach with the help of trichogramma wasps, a natural predator of the borer. Each trichogramma sachet is suspended one by one on every plant in our numerous corn fields.

Finally, for its weekly inspections and its prescription in agronomics, Halte Gourmande is accompanied by the regional environmental agriculture group, Dura-Club.