La Halte is also all about apples. Here is a list of the varieties offered:

Take advantage of apple-picking season to spend a day on the farm. A ton of activities awaits you such as visiting our mini-farm, the giant trampoline, tractor-pulled wagon ballads through the orchard, the corn maze, sampling our terroir products and much more.

NameFirmness (* * *)FlavorbakingHarvest time
Vista Bella**sweetIdeal for compoteEarly August
Jersey mac**sweetIdeal for compoteMi-août
Melba**acidulatedIdeal for compote and piesMi-août
Paulared***Slightly sweet and sourIdeal for cookingEnd of August
Lobo***Slightly sweet and sourIdeal as a snackEarly September
McIntosh***Sweet and sourIdeal for compote and juice, but not recommended for tartsMid-September
Spartan***Sweet, juicy and fragrantIdeal for jellyEnd of September
Cortland**Sweet and slightly acidIdeal for all your culinary projectsEnd of September
Empire***Sweet and sourIdeal for juices and snacksBeginning of October

Picking for fall 2019 :

Apple, tomato, pepper and pumpkin picking

Apple varieties : Lobo, McIntosh, Cortland, Spartan, Empire


Price of bags for the 2019 season :

Friday, Saturday and Sunday :

10 lb @ 12$

5 lb @ 8$


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday :

10 lb @ 11$

5 lb @ 7$


***Debit and credit payment available***

**Dogs are not allowed for hygiene purposes***